5 major faults in the sewing machine and its fixing solution

5 major faults in the sewing machine and its fixing solution
When using a sewing machine, there may be problems for many reasons, which in many cases do not require major repairs and can be tweaked to some extent.
We would like to discuss them in greater detail
. - It should be noted that continuous maintenance of the sewing machine increases its life and performance.
* Generate high volume
1 - Lining and threading inside the sewing machine for continuous use, which should be removed with a brush.
2 - Dust or yarn is stuck in the Maku frame, which must be cleaned up by the Maku and the Masko frame.
3 - The wheel needs to be lubricated or the oil is not used properly (it is used with oil), which should be cleaned first, then lubricated with oil.
4. The thread does not fit with the cloth or the thickness of the yarn is more than usual
. 5. The tightening strap is the best way to loosen the strap
* Tearing the moss thread
1. The thread of the thread does not pass through the underlying spring of the Maku.
2. The yarn is not good quality, that is, it has a lint or lost its quality due to its old quality
3. The stiffness of the yarn is not set, which usually should be between 3 and 5
4. Screw the plug firmly.
5- The yarn is wrapped in badly worn gear.
6. Masurra is not properly located in the Maku
Sewing thread has a knot
When sewing, we have to make sure that the yarn is strong enough, the sewing machine is properly threaded and the spool is healthy.
* Tighten the wheel while using
1- Yarn is stuck in a masur
2. The cloth is not correctly positioned
3. The dynamo is the half-burning sewing machine
The yarn is wrapped in a jacket
5. The wheel oil is over
* Break the needle.
1- The needle is bent
2. The fabric for the needle is very thick
3. The yarn is not in place properly
4. Double-breasted skateboarding
5. The needle is loose
Note that there are special needles for leather and flaxen fabrics
* Small and large stitching
1. The needle is not fitted properly. The needle should be aligned to the back of the sewing machine and its curvature towards the seamstress, and in the needle groove to the end, the needle should be stiffened.
2- A needle is not standardized and unprotected or needle is tilted. Each type of needle needle has its own. For example, a normal needle should not be used to sew fabrics.
3- The needle is threaded in the wrong direction
4. Dust or pears are cloth and yarn in Masur and Maku
5. Spring spring is loose

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