A few minutes living with household sewing machines

A few minutes living with household sewing machines
The need for a famous machine knitting machine during the Industrial Revolution felt that with the advent of the industrial revolution and the increase in the volume of work, it was decided to reduce manual activities and not to remove the needs of the industrial community.
For this reason, the idea of making a sewing machine, the homemade modern home-dressing machine, was formed, and different people in different positions decided to make a machine to automate the sewing process, and only one American man could do his best to transform the industry cycle To make a conclusion.
The sewing machine has grown overwhelmingly and has been attracting a lot of attention and opening the door to various countries and communities.
Iran was undoubtedly one of the societies that should have embraced this uninvited western guest, and introduced this souvenir to Farangistan for the first time, Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar, along with a Caucasian wheel of labor to Iran to provide the court's garment by it. And available to the courtiers.
After that, the Amir market was surrounded by the Goldfinger sewing machine, as the largest market in Iran, and despite its unfamiliarity with Iranian culture, it was soon possible to comprehend, to the extent that today one of the dowry demands of Iranian girls is a household sewing machine It may never be used.
Now female and female housewives are the most seamstress shoppers, and most of the sewing and dosing machines are for household sewing machines.
But in review of various types of these useful devices, they were available to customers from simple hand-held examples to more advanced, electric and advanced industrial wheels with different brands, such as the lovely Kingstar, about the wheel The tailor made should be that all sewing machines in the market are almost of the same type, the only difference being with their new counterparts in the automatic system and their various sewing capabilities, which makes it easy to do business with the tailor.
Sewing machines have many features that can be considered for buyers of these products, including:
1- Different stitching, such as zigzag, reverse, ordinary, sewing and special stitching, such as sewing the English letters and stitching numbers to Latin, zip sewing, stitching the buttons, stitches thick and thin, embroidery, embroidery, sequins Embroidered, embroidered, lipstick, knitted stitching, stitching, stitching, stitch length, stitch width, which can usually affect the choice of a household sewing machine buyer.
2- The ability to sew different fabrics and work on them such as jeans, linen, silk and other types of fabrics available on the market.
3-Sewing speed control button, which can be sewing speed up to 700 sewing per minute.
4. Knitting needles and automatic thread knitting machines, the difficulty of manually knitting needles, especially needle needles that require high visibility.
5- There are different places for sewing different parts, so that some sewing machines are a separate part for sewing different parts of the clothes, such as sewing stitches.
6. Electric drives The ability to operate with electricity and batteries is important because when the power is interrupted or not accessible to the power outlet, it allows battery life, convenience, and time saving
7. Multi-color sewing capabilities There are several needles in some sewing machines that can be effective in influencing purchases.
8- A lamp or spotlight can maximize the sewing machine's work screen and visibility. But the part that the audience might be more interested in reading is a shopping guide that can generally be questioned by many.
In fact, in order to buy household and even industrial sewing machines, we need to pay attention to the market, as much knowledge as possible, the probability of successful purchase will increase.
Before buying a ceiling, the purchase price and the brand you want to buy can have an impact.
It is important to note that for the convenience of using the product, the use of home or industrial sewing machines is highlighted by the mako, and it is also due to high vibration levels.
Try to buy the latest home-made home sewing machine as a criterion, the product will be more up-to-date with more functional features and increased product efficiency.
As much as your home or industrial sewing machine has a stronger push rod, it can be used to stitch thicker cloths that are threaded in the warp seams, meaning the efficient use of a product.
Some wheels, in addition to straight and seamless stitching, make zigzag seams with different widths and lengths. The new technique in sewing is truly magic with the creation of new zigzag wheels and the two needles of the automotive tools used in them. It even manages the work of a beginner tailor as an artist's work.
These types of wheels are particularly suitable for sewing the buttons, embroidery, embroidery, ribbon sewing and appleka designs, cotton embroidered, round hats and various repairs.
Failure to buy worn-out products can be effective in improving purchasing satisfaction because, despite the high performance and displacement of the main faulty components with a different kind of qualitative and semi-leaked purchases, we will experience a completely uncertain experience. And of course Note that the product you are purchasing is warranted and warranted and will not be mitigated in the after-sales service.
Many companies, including the manufacturer and supplier of home and industrial sewing machines and specially tailor-made Embroidery machines, King Star, offer their customers free training at the time of purchase. The ultimate effort to optimally use these tutorials can be It's effective in improving the efficiency of using the device

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