The difference and distinction between household and industrial sewing machines is as follows

The difference and distinction between household and industrial sewing machines is as follows :
1. Industrial sewing machines are designed exclusively for hanging and special stitching (embroidered or zigzag embroidered or knitted stitching).
While household sewing machines have multiple sewing options for having different camcorders,
. 2- The sewing styles of all sewing machines exceed 1500 sewing per minute and sometimes reach up to 5000 sewing per minute. If the sewing machine's sewing machine is usually less than 1000 sewing per minute.
3. Bodywork and underarms Industrial sewing machines are often made of cast iron due to the reduction of vibration and sewing sound, and in the interior of these wheels, use of axes and steel parts and steel or cast iron gears and steel chains to move movements Has been.
Because of their weight they are heavy and usually not less than 40 kg. While the weight of household sewing machines is due to the injection of their body using aluminum casting and the use of plastic parts under 15 kg and are easily portable
4. In the industrial wheels, a variety of 370 watts of clutch motor with servo motors with a minimum power of 450 watts are used and their weight is excessive. Due to the large size of these motors, the possibility of There is no engine to be embedded in the interior, if the universal sewing machine uses universal motors that have a very high starting torque and very small design, inside the sewing machine body or some on the body with a bracket Maintainers, are installed.
5. Industrial sewing machines need to have different parts lubrication due to the high level of sewing, so all industrial sewing machines have a reservoir and a pumping system for oil, while the home sewing machine does not require a reservoir for a short time and No oil pumping system.
6. In all industrial wheels, the needle is a sewing needle that is fitted with a head screw on needle needle, while in all sewing machines the needle is used on one side of the leg of the bed
7. Because the industrial sewing machines are designed for a single sewing type, there is no need for a sticker or clutch to guide the stitching on the body, while household sewing machines, because they are able to implement several sewing patterns The guide for sewing stitches in the form of stickers is pasted on the body or printed on the body, or printed on the stitch selection wheel.

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