The difference between the usual sewing machine and the computer

The difference between the usual sewing machine and the computer:
Sewing machines have become more modern and up-to-date with the advent of science and technology.
The first sewing machine, all of which was metal and very heavy, has been reduced to a great extent today, with the metal parts used.
The old sewing machines worked mechanically, that is, by the extent that they were placed on the sewing machine, or the adjoining chips, or sewed, were sewn. Of course, the older ones were just manual and sewing, but over time Wheels with higher capabilities and mechanically entered the market.
But the computer sewing machine (digital) is a new generation of sewing machine with buttons that work on it digitally and does not require adjustments of all levels and is much easier to work with, but these wheels have more capabilities than sewing machines Old or mechanical.
The benefits of previous sewing machines to computer sewing are that the strength and strength of the mechanical wheels is more suitable for more work and professional and to a certain extent the workshop, and their repairs are easier and their components are affordable, but computer sewing machines Although they are much more advanced and modern, with many sewing options and models, they are not suitable for a lot of professional work, and repair costs and parts are much higher.
Of course, some of the famous sewing machine brands operating in Iran have developed some computer wheel models that are very good and professional for professional activities and mass production, with a slightly higher price than other home wheels.
In any case, the purchase of mechanical and computer sewing machines should take into account the type of use and user's use. Also, the brand and after sales service are very important sewing machines (especially in computer wheels).

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