Different Sewing Machine Models

Different Sewing Machine Models:
This article will give you information on the types of sewing machines. If you need more information, get advice on buying a sewing machine with the Kuh Mahan Industries Group, so our experts will guide you to buy.
Industrial sewing machine:
Industrial sewing machines, in contrast to household sewing machines, are much weaker and more expensive, but in addition to garment sewing machines, bags, shoes, and other stitching, the sewing machine is used.
Industrial sewing machines are designed in such a way that they are environmentally friendly and produce little noise.
The cooled sewing machine is actually an industrial sewing machine that uses more than any other industrial sewing machine and, besides industrial uses, also has domestic use.
The crankshaft engines are strong and fitted underneath it.
Industrial sewing machines have much more powerful motors and more speed than home-made sewing machines.
These wheels can be used continuously for a long time.
Of course, the quality of this type of sewing machine and the home sewing machine is not different, and their difference is in the type of work and power.
The purchase of industrial sewing machines for home use and household sewing is not recommended Household sewing machines
Household sewing machines usually have multiple and different applications and are able to do different sewing. In contrast, these types of industrial wheels are only able to perform sewing.
Sewing machine:
The sewing machine is actually used as a sewing processor.
The cushioning increases the strength and quality of the fabric sewing, and the durability of the stitching created by the wheel increases with the use of a corduroy.
Also, the use of sewing machines makes cleaning and the appearance of sewing better.
Some types of home-made sewing machines also have the ability to carry out corduroy. Suitcase with household sewing machines is suitable for a low work rate and home-made home sewing.
Sewing machine between doses:
Miandoise sewing machines are used to sew the middle of the fabric and the so-called clean dosing, that is, the sewing done with the midsize wheel is very regular and clean and gives the fabric a more beautiful appearance.
Mandez sewing machine is usually used for sewing cloths and knitwear.
This sewing machine, like the Cooled wheels, is an industrial wheel model because it specializes only in sewing.
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