What you should pay attention to when buying a sewing machine

Things to consider when buying a sewing machine Step after determining the industrial sewing machine you need to specify the number and type of nutritional device that is on the wheel. Sewing machines use a variety of feeds. Main methods of feeding are: 1) Particle Feeding: This feeding mechanism is located below the level of the industrial sewing machine. This is the most common type of feeding mechanism.2) Needle feeding: In this model, the needle works as a feeding system, which results in vibration of the fabric as low as possible, and, in addition to the operator, it can be found that it can handle several layers of fabric. 3) Moving base: The constant pressure base is replaced by a movable base and it is easy to sew the fabric of the bedding fabric. 4) Pressure feeding: This type of sewing machine is suitable for sewing heavy and large fabrics such as travel tents. 5) Manual feeding: In this model, the controller of all parts is the operator who can do all the work, including repair, sewing and footwear, embroidery and sewing of quilts and mattresses.In some industrial sewing machines, just pick up the power supply to feed manually. *tip: Sewing machine stitching should also be considered at the time of purchase of the machine. There are many types of stitching, each of which may require from one to seven threads. The simple stitch is the most common type of stitch in the industrial sewing machine. Another important issue is the size and speed of the car. Sewing machines have the ability to increase the number of cookies per minute at higher prices. Larger machines shave larger sizes of fabrics, so by choosing the right size and speed, you can make sure your machine fully satisfies your needs.

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