Industrial Sewing Difference with Household Sewing Machine and its Types

Industrial Sewing Difference with Household Sewing Machine: Industrial sewing machines are different in many cases with conventional sewing machines. This type of industrial sewing machine is specially tailor made for long sewing and specialized work; Therefore, these types of wheels are enhanced with better quality parts and stronger engines for long life and high stability. In household sewing machines, fiberglass gears may be used, but gears; connecting rods; pods and bodies often made of high quality metal material, cast iron or aluminum. - Industrial sewing sewing machines: Industrial sewing machines have 4 main types, the differences are based on the arm and needle plan.These 4 types include: Bad Felt (Flat Bed, Sleeping Floors): This industrial sewing machine is one of the most popular types. These types of wheels are similar to traditional sewing machines, which means the arm is flat to the surface of the machine. Workers usually use this device to sew bed linen. (cylinder-bed) Bad cylinder or cylinder bottom: The features of this machine are a thin and horizontal base that, as a flat base, opposes this feature to the fabric allows the fabric to pass through the under and under the base.The diameter of the cylindrical diaphragm is 5 to 16 centimeters. Users with this wheel model have cylindrical pieces like a man's sweatshirt. Also, this wheel model can be used to sew thick pieces such as saddle horses and shoes. (post-bed) bad post: The features of these devices are in place with spools and ring hooks, so that these components are placed on a vertical column above the base of the bed. The height of this vertical column is from 10 to 45 cm. Its applications : This wheel model is used to sew fabrics that are hard to sew, such as sewing logos on the tools, sewing boots, sewing gloves. 4 - (off-the-arm) hands-free: This industrial sewing machine is less common, in using this wheel model it is necessary for the workers of the parks to be seamed to be placed along the horizontal axis axis. The design of this seam length is limited to the length of the base, but is used to stitch seams of sleeves and badges.

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