The history of kook mahan industry Co

kook mahan industry Co. (Limited Liability Company) was established in 2006 with the aim of import and after-sales service of industrial and household sewing machines in Tehran. It is proud to be happy with a successful and brilliant presence over a decade in importing and selling the best sewing machines in the world. It serves the dear customers. The company is involved in supplying, distributing and painting accessories and parts of machines for sewing and cutting Household and Industrial in Tehran, is proud, knowledgeable and knowledgeable in day science, is proud to thank God and your loved ones as a leading brand name brand in the king star brand continues to work in the field of sales and after-sales service This product continues to be the brand name of the products of this unit, which is the technology that is up to date around the world, and so on The yen has been supplied to us in Iran.Due to modern day knowledge and modernization, as well as a half-century experience of managers and a long history of collaboration with the mother company, she has received a license from Taiwanese factory SEWMASTER CO, LTD. And we hope to replace this mechanical wheel with the Iranian market This brand has been registered and copying the name and trademarks of the brand is legal Your satisfaction is an honorary medal to bring us back, hoping to meet face to face

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