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Kook mahan industry

Kook mahan industry

KOOk Mahan Co. (Limited Liability Company) was established in 2006 with the aim of import and after-sales service of industrial and household sewing machines in Tehran.
It is honored to serve dear customers with a successful and brilliant presence over a decade in the import and sale of the best sewing machines in the world.
The company is proud to produce, supply and fill accessories and parts of different types of household and industrial sewing machines in Tehran with well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable personnel.
Thanks to God and thanks to your loved ones as a reputed brand name and The exclusive KingStar brand continues to pursue its sales and after-sales service.


KingStar is the brand name of the product, which is the latest technology. Which is distributed throughout the world and also in our country.
Due to modern knowledge and modernization, as well as a half-century experience of managers and a long history of working with the mother factory,
we have received a certificate of production under the license of the Taiwanese house SEWMASTER.CO.LTD and we hope to replace this sewing machine in With Iran.
Your satisfaction is an honorary medal on our neck, hoping to see the face to your face

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